Boo’s Bistro

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our two year anniversary. To mark the occasion, we visited one of our favourite restaurants in Hamilton – Boo’s Bistro on 164 James St. South.

Hidden away amongst bartending schools and dance studios, this hidden gem offers a constantly changing menu of excellent quality meats and fish with an exotic twist. From the website:

Vibulan Aria is known as Chef Boo. The creator of feelings and flavours of the Far East to the West, referred to as “Fusion Cuisine”. Boo brings an ethnic flare to food that people love. He has a special ability to meld ethnic with continental cuisines that separates him from the rest.

According to our server,  Vibulan is from Malaysia and originally came to Canada to train as an accountant. We’re delighted he went down the chef route instead! Continue reading


Going Bananas

Banana Bread  IngredientsIs there anything better than warm, gooey banana bread right out of the oven?

I love banana bread, but always have trouble waiting for bananas to go soft enough to use in baking. I’m actually like that with most food – if it’s there, I’ll eat it. So when I saw a bunch of almost-black bananas on sale for 50 cent in the supermarket, I got very excited. “Look, Rory, old fruit!” No wonder he thinks I’m mad.

This is my go-to recipe for basic, no-nonsense banana bread. I’ve adapted it from Dysart’s Cookbook (which I highly recommend, but that’s a story for another time). If you’re feeling fancy you could add cinnamon, nuts or even raisins. Continue reading

The Whistling Walrus

Whistling Walrus, Hamilton, ON The Whistling Walrus is a “British Restaurant & Pub” at 1508 Upper James St., Hamilton, Ontario. We decided to check it out after finding a deal on

After a little more research, we found that The Whistling Walrus won the gold medal for “Best Pub Food” by the local View Magazine, as well as a silver medal for their In House Nachos and their “Fresh PEI Mussels.” It certainly sounds good – The Hamilton area has a pretty decent selection of pubs with good food, so “best pub food” is a pretty big deal! Let’s dive in… Continue reading