Jacob Wirth

Jacob WirthThis past weekend, Nicole and I visited Boston to see Jim Gaffigan. Despite growing up in New England, I haven’t spent all that much time in Boston. So, I asked my friend Mike, for some recommendations on things to do and places to eat at and atop his list was a German restaurant named Jacob Wirth right near the theater. And after our last post on pretzel bread, we might as well keep the German theme going! The visit was made particularly special because most of my family joined for the dinner (and the whole weekend)!

Apologies for the photo quality, but we were stuck using the cell phone again for our pictures. Nicole just got a new camera so we’ll have to start remembering to take that with us! Continue reading


Clare’s Pretzel Bread

Pretzel BunsAwhile back, my friend Clare (the same who does some of the graphics on this site!) introduced me to some pretzel buns she had been making. I had eaten similar pretzels while at a bar in Heidelberg, Germany and could never forget them. The soft, warm, and just a bit salty pretzel went perfect with beer and left me quite disappointed when I couldn’t get them at bars in Hamilton. When I had the pretzel buns Clare had baked, I was brought back to that little pub in Germany. Here is Clare’s recipe.

As a side note, this recipe is mostly just for the pretzel dough. We’ve made small buns with them, but you can also make a single loaf or even proper pretzels! Continue reading

Dysarts Pumpkin Chip Muffins (Cookies)

Pumpkin Chip MuffinsWhy choose between muffins and cookies when you can combine both? These pumpkin hybrids are a favourite of mine, and couldn’t be easier to make.

I know it’s not exactly pumpkin season, but I’ve only had a chance to make them again recently. And anyway, they do contain spices, so they’re appropriate for the holiday season.

This is our second post on a recipe from the Dysart’s cookbook, and probably not the last. This particular recipe is actually for cookies, but I generally bake them in muffin tins and so I’ve listed it as both. These muffins/cookies come out soft, a bit spongy and 100% delicious. You need to try these! Continue reading

Boston Beer Works


As it’s coming close to Christmas, we’ve decided to start publishing some reviews of places we visited during the year that we’ve been sitting on til now. We hope that these might be helpful to anyone travelling during the festive period. This week: Boston Beer Works in, you guessed it, Boston!

It will begin to become clear as more blog posts go up, but you’ll see that I have a bit of a soft spot for brew pubs. I love restaurants that brew their own beer, and even more, when they use that beer in their dishes. This week is just such a place – the Boston Beer Works!

This week’s review will be a bit of a departure from the norm in two ways. First, as the restaurant name suggests, we’re leaving Hamilton and stopping off in Boston! I’ve decided to post the review now before people start travelling for the holidays in case they past through Boston hungry.  Second, the review is not quite as complete as I’d like – I was on a trip without Nicole and reviewed the place on my own. Unfortunately, that meant I wasn’t able to sample more than one dish. No matter!

Boston Beer Works is located in Terminal C of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. At least, the location I went to. I found out afterwords that they’ve got seven locations around Boston, and the earliest location has been open since 1992, so Boston seems to like this restaurant! Continue reading

Apple Crumble

Apple CrumbleI think the world is split between summer people and winter people, and I am definitely a Winter Girl.

Part of the reason I get excited as the days get shorter is because I get to start making all my cold-weather-favourites again. There’s nothing like steaming plates of Irish Stew and Shepard’s Pie to warm the soul as the snow falls outside.

One of my absolute favourite deserts of all time has to be Apple Crumble. Simple but delicious, there’s just something about the spiced apple, delicious carmelisation and crispy topping that really satisfies the tastebuds.

The recipe below is an amalgamation of dozens I’ve come across over the years, including my Mom’s. I’ve finally found a balance between a dense topping and thick apple sauce that I’m happy to share with the world. It’s delightfully simple,  so give it a try! Continue reading

Alirang Korean Restaurant

Alirang Korean RestaurantThis week, I decided to give a visit to a restaurant that opened just down the street from me at the corner of Main and Locke , Alirang Korean Restaurant. It’s been open for a few months now and I’ve been meaning to try it. Unfortunately, I’m quite unfamiliar with Korean food and didn’t feel like I had the expertise to review the food. Well, lucky for me my good friend Mark, who spent two years teaching English in Korea, was kind enough to join me for dinner and help with today’s review.

Continue reading

Cheesy Sausage Pasta Bake

Cheesy Sausage Pasta BakeAs you’ll all find out as our blog goes on, we really love a lot of the recipes over at Smittenkitchen.com. The recipes aren’t too tough and the food is usually super delicious.

This week’s cheesy pasta recipe is one that we’ve tried a couple of times now and is definitely one of our favourites. It was also the first time Rory made a bechamel sauce! Read on to check it out. Continue reading