Jack & Lois

Jack & LoisIt seems that recently, Hamilton has become a locus of excellent burgers. With offerings like Chuck’s Burger Bar, the Chef’s Wagon, and The Works, it’s hard to complain about the local burger world. This week, we’re reviewing one of the lesser-known burger (and breakfast) joints on James St. North, Jack & Lois. Despite being open for over two years, I only found out about Jack & Lois last fall when some visiting friends, back from a year of travelling, chose it as a meet up spot for some beers. I only had drinks on that particular visit, but the menu was exciting enough that I made a note to get back there and try the food as soon as possible. Well, it took longer than I was planning, but Nicole and I finally made it out recently for my birthday dinner, and we weren’t disappointed.

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Hillbilly Heaven

Hillybilly HeavenThis week’s review is a bit strange – we’re reviewing a restaurant that’s now closed. Because the review was already written before it closed,  we’d like to post it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, we were in the mood for a messy, Southern style dinner. So naturally, we decided to visit one of my favorite Southern restaurants, Hillbilly Heaven. They used to have two locations (one on upper James, the other on King St. East), but have more recently closed down the mountain location and, as of this posting, just closed their King St. location. That may not seem like a good indication, but see what we have to say… Continue reading